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Devil Mountain Ultra 50/50

50mile & 50k Ultras

+ Demons of Dust 5k, 10k

& 1/2 marathon (trails)

Join us for "One hell of a run!" — August 23rd, 2014

**This is a Trail Runner Magazine Trophy Series Event

6:30am : 50k and 50mile

8am : 1/2 marathon

9am : 10k and 5k

10am Kids free fun trail run

This remote and legendary classic Ultra brings runners together for two days in the pristine forest of the South San Juan Mountains around Pagosa Springs. 7,500’ of climbing, 10,000’ of elevation, bonfire party at the finish line and pancake awards breakfast combine to make this an authentic mountain ultra. With the new Demons of Dust distances of 5k, 10k and half marathon, this event is now accessible to all runner abilities. Big climbs, high elevations, mountain vistas and plenty of single track through some of the region’s most spectacular wooded trail.

The ultra off-road course visits several mountain areas to the west of Turkey Springs, Chris Mountain, Middle Mountain, Horse Mountain and Devil Mountain. The terrain is nothing short of spectacular. Run it if you can! Incredible views, single-track and changing fall colors.

We've added a 5k and 10k to start at 9am, the 1/2 marathon will now start at 8am, all in the Demons of Dust race. We'd love to see more locals be part of the event and also partner of ultra runners fill there morning with a great (shorter run) in the scenic Turkey Springs area.

The 5km will be an out and back along the route from the start finish area. The 10km is one full loop of the map. The half-marathon is two full loops. The loop will have an aid station at approx mile 3.2 (half-way) which the 10km'ers will hit once, there will also be an aid station at the start/finish area which the half-marathoner will hit after their first loop. For the half we recommend that you run with a camelback or water bottle!

50k and 50 mile aid stations are fully stocked and located every six miles or so, but we recommend that you run with a water bottle or camelback! It is dry here and can be warm. 50 mile runners: The section from the 50/50 split, aid station #4 at mile 23.5 to aid station #5 at mile 31.9 is remote, rugged and 8 miles long! Carry two bottles at least and or a full camelback. This section is extremely beautiful and extremely remote.... You will most likely be alone for very long stretches and should plan accordingly.

Change to cut off times in 2014 - more lenient

With the race date changing to late August and with collaboration with EMS we have been able to review the cut off times to make them much more lenient, allowing more runners to finish the 50 miler. Thank you for your feedback.

Event highlights:

  • Spectacular course run through rarely visited forests.
  • Breathtaking views.
  • Elevation gains 2,200 for the 1/2 more that 5,000' of the 50k and more than 8,300' for the 50 mile.
  • Fresh brewed coffee at the start of the 50/50 - thanks Higher Grounds Coffee
  • A course comprised of more than 80% single track.
  • Famous "GECKO" awards handmade by local students.
  • Awesome SWAG, food and festivities. 
  • DSP and Pagosa Baking Company goods at the finish line.
  • Bonfire and SMORS.
  • Pancake breakfast Awards presentation on Sunday.
Course Maps as at 3rd February 2013, subject to change weather dependent:

Race Day Registration

There is No DAY BEFORE or DAY OF sign up for the 50k or 50 mile! We will close online registration for the 50/50 midday the Thursday of the event so if you know someone on the fence let him or her know.

On course Aid stations

Our aid stations will be stocked with Water, Clif Shot, Clif bars and Clif gel (thanks Clif Company!). There will also be snack foods like chips, fruit and candy. Aid stations are clearly marked on the maps online.

Drop Bags

Drop bags will be available for aid #4/#7 (same aid, so one bag). Mile 23.5 and 45.4 (Headlamp/flashlight/warm clothes strongly suggested for this drop!) Drop bags need to be left at the start/finish area in the morning before the race.

This is an iPod friendly race. However, because it is still a trail race with other people on the course (runners, horse riders, mountain bikers, other users) we ask that the use of these devices be done responsibly.
If there are a few tunes that you need to get you through a rough patch, then great, but please be respectful and mindful of your surroundings. The noise of the forest in early summer is always a better alternative.


Crew can get to aid 4 (please NO DOGS ALLOWED HERE), mile 23.5. It is a 6 mile drive on dirt road and then a 3/4 of a mile hike on closed dirt road, mellow but uphill all the way. For 50 milers this is also aid 7 at mile 45. Crew can also get to aid 5/6 mile 31 and 34ish. but it is a long way (hour or so) on dirt road. Drop bags for these two locations. We STRONGLY recommend the 50 milers have a light in aid 4/7 as many of you will finish in the dark. And, if you are slow but steady you would want a light at aid 5/6 (someone spent the night out there last year, we'd prefer to avoid that this year.) We suggest warm clothing for after dark as well.


An award ceremony for 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon will be at the start/finish at 12:00pm or so. 50m/50k awards ceremony will be on Sunday morning and we will provide a pancake breakfast at the start/finish Sunday morning 9:00 a.m. There are handmade GECKO awards for all finishers, age group awards and winner trophies for overall winners.

Post race activities & Food availability

There will be a bonfire at the start/finish area at night to keep away the fall chill. There will also be water, Clif shot and Cheese burgers (thanks Pagosa Baking Company) free to runners and volunteers, donations from supporters and crew. In the morning there will be a pancake breakfast and coffee at the Awards presentation free for everyone who stays.

The start/finish area is a good distance away from any food vendors, shops or cafes. We recommend that you bring everything you might need with you, including any extra food or drink you may want post race or if you’re staying overnight for dinner, particularly if you have any special dietary requirements as there will be nothing available to buy.

Bring extra water for your washing and cooking as there are no ablutions facilities. Bring your own deck chairs and warm clothing as once the sun goes down the night will be chilly.


There will be primitive camping at the Start/Finish area. This is where all packet pick-up, registration for 5k,10k and 21k, awards, pancake breakfast will happen. The Rec Center in North Pagosa has offered runners the opportunity to shower there after the run (15 minute drive) free of charge (there only rule is no muddy shoes and you'll need to bring your own towels and toiletries).

We also have a number of Accommodation Partners offering 15%-20% off to GECKO athletes.

Corporate Sponsors

Nols - National Outdoor Leadership Society Road Runners Club of America A&L Coors Children and Nature The Hub