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Devil Mountain Ultra 50/50

50mile & 50k Ultras

+ Demons of Dust 5k, 10k

& 1/2 marathon (trails)

Join us for "One hell of a run!" — August 23rd, 2014

**This is a Trail Runner Magazine Trophy Series Event

6:30am : 50k and 50mile

8am : 1/2 marathon

9am : 10k and 5k

10am Kids free fun trail run

This remote and legendary classic Ultra brings runners together for two days in the pristine forest of the South San Juan Mountains around Pagosa Springs. 7,500’ of climbing, 10,000’ of elevation, bonfire party at the finish line and pancake awards breakfast combine to make this an authentic mountain ultra. With the new Demons of Dust distances of 5k, 10k and half marathon, this event is now accessible to all runner abilities. Big climbs, high elevations, mountain vistas and plenty of single track through some of the region’s most spectacular wooded trail.

The ultra off-road course visits several mountain areas to the west of Turkey Springs, Chris Mountain, Middle Mountain, Horse Mountain and Devil Mountain. The terrain is nothing short of spectacular. Run it if you can! Incredible views, single-track and changing fall colors.

We've added a 5k and 10k to start at 9am, the 1/2 marathon will now start at 8am, all in the Demons of Dust race. We'd love to see more locals be part of the event and also partner of ultra runners fill there morning with a great (shorter run) in the scenic Turkey Springs area.

The 5km will be an out and back along the route from the start finish area. The 10km is one full loop of the map. The half-marathon is two full loops. The loop will have an aid station at approx mile 3.2 (half-way) which the 10km'ers will hit once, there will also be an aid station at the start/finish area which the half-marathoner will hit after their first loop. For the half we recommend that you run with a camelback or water bottle!

50k and 50 mile aid stations are fully stocked and located every six miles or so, but we recommend that you run with a water bottle or camelback! It is dry here and can be warm. 50 mile runners: The section from the 50/50 split, aid station #4 at mile 23.5 to aid station #5 at mile 31.9 is remote, rugged and 8 miles long! Carry two bottles at least and or a full camelback. This section is extremely beautiful and extremely remote.... You will most likely be alone for very long stretches and should plan accordingly.

Change to cut off times in 2014 - more lenient

With the race date changing to late August and with collaboration with EMS we have been able to review the cut off times to make them much more lenient, allowing more runners to finish the 50 miler. Thank you for your feedback.

Event highlights:

  • Spectacular course run through rarely visited forests.
  • Breathtaking views.
  • Elevation gains 2,200 for the 1/2 more that 5,000' of the 50k and more than 8,300' for the 50 mile.
  • Fresh brewed coffee at the start of the 50/50 - thanks Higher Grounds Coffee
  • A course comprised of more than 80% single track.
  • Famous "GECKO" awards handmade by local students.
  • Awesome SWAG, food and festivities.
  • DSP and Pagosa Baking Company goods at the finish line.
  • Bonfire and SMORS.
  • Pancake breakfast Awards presentation on Sunday.
Course Maps as at 3rd February 2013, subject to change weather dependent:

Pay it forward with GECKO

Do you know that every time you race with us you Pay it Forward?! The money you spent to race goes to a GECKO (Giving Every Child Knowledge of the Outdoors) scholarship fund and outdoor programs that gets kids unplugged, off the couch and outside! 

Saturday’s Schedule Summary – all distances start and finish in the same place

530am Mandatory check in of all ultra runners, and drop bags station

615am Race Briefing

630am Devil Mountain Ultra (50/50)

8am Demons of Dust Half Marathon (on the day registration is from 645am)

9am Demons of Dust 5k and 10k (on the day registration is from 645am)

10am Kids Free Fun Run 

Additional/New Race Distances: Demons of Dust

If you have friends, family or supporters coming with you to Pagosa Springs for the weekend of Devil Mountain, please let them know that we have added three distances to the event. At 8:00am the Demons of Dust half marathon will commence, and at 9:00am, the 5km &10km and will leave from the same start/finish area. Registration online, Friday night or on the day There is no pressure to finish these distances quickly, so they can hike, jog or take younger children who are able to cover the distance. Dogs on leashes are also permitted.

Ultra 50/50 Sign up

There is No DAY BEFORE or DAY OF sign up for the 50k or 50 mile! We will close online registration for the 50/50 midday Thursday 21st August so if you know someone still thinking of registering please let him or her know. 

Bib / Packet Pick up

BIB / Packet Pick up will be held on Friday, August 22nd at the Start/Finish line area from 4pm to 9pm. Access is via CO Rd 600/Piedra Rd. Turn left onto Co Rd 146/Forest Service Rd 629/Turkey Springs Rd for 2.2 miles. ID will be required for pick up. THERE WILL BE NO PACKET PICK UP OR REGISTRATION FOR 50 MILERS OR 50 K’ERS ON THE MORNING OF THE RACE.

5k, 10k and half-marathon runners may register on Friday, August 22nd at the Start/Finish line area from 4pm to 9pm or on Saturday morning from 6:45 to 8:15am at the start/finish area. Only online entries are guaranteed a swag filled race bag.

Race Start and Briefing times/Mandatory Check-in

For safety reasons there is a mandatory check in on Saturday morning before the 50/50. ALL ULTRA RUNNERS must check in before 6:15am on race morning.

The 50mile and 50k race will start at 6:30am sharp on Saturday 23rd August. The race briefing will be held at 6:15am at the Start/Finish area.

The half-marathon will start at 8:00am sharp. The race briefing will be held at 7:45am at the Start/Finish area.

The 5k and 10k will start at 9:00am sharp. The race briefing will be held at 8:45am at the Start/Finish area

Directions and Parking

Start/Finish is the same as last year. Meadow at the junction of Turkey Springs Rd. and East Monument Rd. 

Access is via CO Rd 600/Piedra Rd. Turn left onto Co Rd 146/Forest Service Rd 629/Turkey Springs Rd for 2.2 miles. ID will be required for pick up.

Also this is the easiest and safest route – the majority of navigational systems will direct you a longer, more arduous and potentially more “vehicle wrecking“ route. Designated parking will be available at the Start /Finish area. We do encourage the use of car-pooling where practical.

Course Maps

The course has changed only slightly from last year for the 50/50. There will be more single track! An updated 50/50 course map has been uploaded onto the website and the 10k & half course maps are up already. Maps will not be handed out so please print this if you need to

There is no aid station on course for the 5k distance. There is a finisher aid station. The majority of this course distance is run through ponderosa forest and is shaded.

Cut-off times for the 50mile race only

CUT OFF TIMES: 11hrs at Aid #6, mile 37.5 (5:30pm)

This is a challenging run! The out and back section of the 50-mile course is incredibly beautiful and incredibly remote and tough (especially the climb coming back to aid 7). For these reasons we will have a strict cut-off for runners departing aid 6. Adjustments may be made due to weather. 

We reserve the right to shorten cut-off times before or during the race due to weather and or safety concerns. 

Drop Bags 

Drop bags will be allowed for 50/50 runners only. A drop bag section will be available at the Start/Finish area. You will access your drop bags at aid stations 4 and 7 (same place).

All drop bags need to be placed in this area between 5:30 – 6:15am on Saturday morning.


This is an iPod friendly race. However, because this is a public trail with other trail users (runners, horse riders, mountain bikers, etc) we ask that you use these devices responsibly.

Head Lamps & Weather Gear

You may need a head lamp for the morning and the evening, please make sure you have these with you and pack them in your drop bags. Think carefully about warm/weather gear you may need as well, particularly for the mornings and evenings.

On Course Fuel & Nutrition

Thanks to Clif Company for supplying on course fuel for this race (lemon/lime and raspberry shot, blocks, a variety of gels, protein and energy bars). We'll also have a variety of sweet and salty runners snacks and water at every aid station. Only 50/50 ultra runners will be able to use a drop bag. Aid stations locations and distances are clearly marked on the map course above.

Timing Chips

All runners will receive a plastic electronic timing chip with a neoprene/velcro ankle strap at registration/packet pick up. The number on your timing chip will correlate with the number on your race bib.

It is important that for accurate timing and results the chip is fixed to the outside of your right ankle using the neoprene/velcro strap. Timing chips will be removed and collected as soon as you cross the finish line and any damaged, broken or missing chips will incur a fee of $20.00.


Crew can get to aid 4 (please NO DOGS ALLOWED HERE), mile 23.5. It is a 6 mile drive on dirt road and then a 3/4 of a mile hike on closed dirt road, mellow but uphill all the way. For 50 milers this is also aid 7 at mile 45. Crew can also get to aid 5/6 mile 31 and 34ish. but it is a long way (hour or so) on dirt road. Drop bags will be collected at the start/finish on the morning of the race for these two locations. We STRONGLY recommend the 50 milers have a light in aid 4/7 as many of you will finish in the dark. And, if you are slow but steady you would want a light at aid 5/6 (someone spent the night out there last year, we'd prefer to avoid that this year.) We suggest warm clothing for after dark as well.

The start/finish line is far from any shops or amenities so please have your family and friends crewing or spectating bring weather proof clothing, deck chairs or blankets and any picnic food and drink they may need for the day. There are no vendors at the start/finish and the aid stations are for athletes.

Pre-race dinner

Both Nello's Bistro & Espresso Bar and DSP Pizzeria have athlete meal deals on Friday night. Both are located in the shopping center at Country Center Drive (City Market complex uptown). The Hub Bike Shop also has nutrition, hydration and running gear for any last minute requirements, and ask for 10% off as a GECKO racer. If you’re in town early and you’re looking for lunch Higher Grounds Coffee (uptown) and Pagosa Baking Company (downtown) make the best coffee and have delicious lunch, snacks or cakes all day. 

Weather Forecast

According to  Accuweather the forecast for Saturday is bright sunshine. High of 73F and Lo of 49F. Please come prepared for all weather and cool conditions in the morning and evening. In the mountains the weather can change quickly and without warning, afternoon monsoonal showers are not unexpected at this tim of year, and can be very localized. Sunscreen and sun protection is recommended.

Finish Line Celebrations

As ultra runners finish late into the night we encourage runners and spectators to help cheer them in. We will have a bonfire and smors, so bring your campfire chairs and rug up warm.

Awards Presentation and Sunday breakfast

The pancake breakfast will start at 8am on Sunday morning with the Awards Presentation & Swag giveaway at 9am. We’d love to see as many of you there as possible.


We are pleased to have Elite Recycling sponsor this event providing BLUE receptacles for cans, plastic, glass and paper. Please be respectful and only put recyclable items in these receptacles.


There is primitive/bush camping at the start/finish area (National Forest) and you are welcome to camp out with the GECKO team Friday and Saturday night. There are no ablution facilities (besides the porta-loos provided for the race) and no water or showers. GECKO has number of accommodation partners with great discounts for those with race bibs! Mountain Landing and The Quality Resort are both close to the race start/finish area.

Kids 10 and under Free Fun Run

There is a low key, fun trail run for the kiddos at 10am (under 1 mile). It’s free but there’s still a registration and waiver, which opens at 930am. They get a Clif Kids Bar and a medal at the finish line as well as a race bib just like mom and dad!

Parents are welcome to run with smaller kids.

GECKO Matters Magazine

Can you help us distribute the GECKO magazine by taking a stack home to your town and dropping them in to clubs, bike shops, active centers, coffee shops etc and help us spread the GECKO word!


There’ll be race surveys for you to fill out at the finish line and the awards breakfast. You go into the draw to win SWAG if you do! Look out for the surveys.

Facebook & Twitter Updates

If you want fun updates and latest news about the race, please keep an eye out on the GECKO Facebook page and Twitter @joingecko - it's where we post photos, videos, and updates!

In the meantime please send me an email if you have any questions. (

Corporate Sponsors

Nols - National Outdoor Leadership Society Road Runners Club of America A&L Coors Children and Nature The Hub